Koenig + Neurath QUIET.BOX Systems


QUIET.BOX fulfils the requirement for a retreat zone in the open space with a tiny footprint: With a base measuring just 1×1 metre you have the freedom to work without being disturbed, make private phone calls and just be on your own. It comes in two designs: the angular design of the QUIET.BOX and with organically rounded corners in the form of the QUIET.BOX Organic.


Even teams need a quiet area for working – and exchanging ideas! König + Neurath has come up with a range of solutions in various sizes, of which the QUIET.BOX Duo is one of the smallest and simplest. It is ideal for quick one-to-one meetings or focused work. The solution is self-contained with its own ventilation and comes with a choice of furniture – for instance with bench seats and tables. The glass back panel creates a pleasant feeling of space. The fabric-covered internal walls and acoustic ceiling ensure perfect acoustics.


QUIET.BOX Duo, our room-in-room solution for one-to-one meetings, is becoming increasingly popular. So we’ve added more planning and specification variants to our range of cubes for instant installation and design diversity – as well as this somewhat larger XL solution. The QUIET.BOX Duo XL interior boasts an extra 30 cm depth, allowing it to accommodate up to four people comfortably for meetings and discussions.

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