Architectural Systems

Provide unique solutions by integrating lighting fixtures and other services into these innovative systems, resulting in a sleek and minimalistic project finish.

In collaboration with architects, interior designers, and project planners right from the project’s inception. Our comprehensive services support project development across all stages, from conceptualization and design to product industrialization.

Metal Tray Systems

The use of metal drop ceilings in offices is well-established given their durability and the cleanliness of their materials, enhancing these properties through minimalist integration of the lighting.

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  • Corridors

Metal Linear Systems

The metal linear systems, combined with the lighting, create clean spaces with a harmonious vision. They are designed for high-rise, indoor, outdoor and wall applications.

  • Blades
  • Baffles

Wooden ceiling systems

Including wooden ceilings in interior design provides excellent warmth and elegance. Together with the integration of our lighting systems, they create unique ensembles.

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  • Linear systems

Sound-absorbing systems

The use of sound-absorbing panels when designing interiors, combined with the integration of LEDS C4 luminaires, provides the perfect architectural, acoustically comfortable solution.

  • Canopy
  • Linear systems
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