Tacchini Wool Collection: Bridging Tradition and Sustainability

Contemporary design transcends aesthetics, embracing a transformation that aligns creation with modern demands. Formafantasma, renowned for their forward-thinking, partners with Tacchini, reshaping furniture production. This alliance redefines upholstery, fusing heritage techniques with environmental consciousness in the Tacchini Wool Collection.

The collaboration reinvents seating production, honouring past traditions while addressing present challenges. Formafantasma introduces a nature-based approach, ingeniously repurposing surplus sheep’s wool, akin to antique mattress crafting, as an eco-friendly alternative to industrial foam in Tacchini icon designs: Costela Chair, Lina Armchair, Le Mura Sofa, Five to Nine Daybed.

This transformative process champions sustainability. Surplus sheep’s wool, combined with natural latex, forms the foundation. Formafantasma crafts plush seating, offering comfort and eco-responsibility. Formerly overlooked wool emerges as a champion of eco-design.

Flipping Resource Perspectives

The partnership revolutionizes resource perception, reframing waste as valuable. Sustainable wool use lightens the ecological load, underscoring untapped potential.

Formafantasma and Tacchini’s collaboration guides design toward conscientiousness. It underscores innovation amid environmental challenges, merging tradition with modernity. This venture melds the past with the pressing needs of today and tomorrow.

As the partnership advances, it reminds us that the blend of art, sustainability, and innovation illuminates a sustainable path. Each furniture piece in the Tacchini Wool Collection narrates a tale of creativity, resourcefulness, and responsible environmental care, promising a harmonious future.

You can watch the Tacchini Flock project by Formafantasma here

Photos by Andrea Ferrari

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