Enhancing Ireland’s Public Spaces: Bushell Interiors is part of the OPW & OGP Framework

In the realm of Ireland’s infrastructure development, the Office of Public Works (OPW) and the Office of Government Procurement (OGP) stand as a cornerstone, orchestrating the seamless integration of public services and amenities. At Bushell Interiors, we are proud to align our offerings with the OPW & OGP mission, contributing to the enhancement of public spaces across the nation.

As a leading provider of furniture solutions, we cater to diverse needs, offering products that elevate functionality and aesthetics. Within the framework, our range of products finds resonance, particularly in two key areas: canteen spaces and conference rooms.

Canteen Comfort:

In bustling office environments and public institutions, canteens serve as communal hubs where individuals gather to recharge. Our offer features three meticulously crafted chairs designed specifically for canteen settings. These chairs combine ergonomic excellence with contemporary flair and provide optimal comfort for extended periods of use.


Inclass Unnia 4-leg Base Chair


Inclass Unnia Skid Base Chair


Inclass Aryn Chair

Conference Room Elegance:

In official meetings and collaborative sessions, the ambience of conference rooms plays a pivotal role in fostering productivity and engagement. Bushell Interiors offers two distinct chair designs tailored to elevate the sophistication of conference room settings. Characterized by sleek lines and premium materials, our conference chairs epitomize professionalism and refinement.

Inclass Taia 4-leg Base Armchair – Seat Upholstered


Inclass Taia 4-leg Base Armchair – Fully Upholstered

Inclass Binar Armchair Skid Base

ICF Stick Chair 4-leg Base

ICF Stick Chair Quattro with Arms

ICF Stick Chair Skid Base

Collaboration in Action:

As the OPW & OGP spearheads initiatives to revitalize public spaces and infrastructure, Bushell Interiors stands as a reliable partner, offering solutions that align seamlessly with the organization’s vision while remaining committed to upholding the highest standards of quality and innovation.

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