Spacestor Verandas

Introducing Verandas; an engineered architectural room system that is inherently sustainable and curated for the future.

Sustainable, flexible and a vast design choice

As with all Spacestor products, easy customization and a huge array of finish options allow you to create a look that is totally bespoke and yet built on a scalable framework. The influence of Verandas reaches far beyond the workplace. It’s not just a meeting space solution, it’s a way of giving back to the world around us.

As part of Spacestor’s Havens programme, for every Verandas room that is purchased, Spacestor will accommodate one homeless person through their partnership with Depaul International.

Key Features & Benefits

Verandas has been born to provide an answer to the meeting room problem of today, delivering a highly flexible, sustainable and design-focussed solution. The construction is a highly adaptable and modular way of dividing space to create collaborative and social settings, as well as incorporating accessories and customization. Verandas bring multiple benefits to any workspace, but most importantly it caters to three current needs.

  • Sustainability
  • Reconfigurable
  • Design Choices
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