ICF Qadro Modular

Additional Product Information


Introducing ICF Qadro Modular, a unique vertical and modular planning approach designed for open plan, private offices, and activity spaces. This innovative system serves as a versatile support structure for communication screens, technology, space definition, storage, and co-working elements, adapting to various needs within the workspace.

Qadro Modular offers flexibility in creating work areas within the professional space or acting as a space-creating divider itself. Its fluid and adaptable nature aligns perfectly with the ever-changing ways of working. With Qadro’s versatile base element, users can effortlessly modify and optimize the space to cater to diverse activities and requirements.

The system offers two options: a freestanding base in die-cast aluminum or a full-height vertical post. Its self-supporting structure can lean against a wall or be used to divide spaces, making installation quick and hassle-free anywhere in the workspace.

Embrace the ingenuity of Qadro as it enhances your office layout with its adaptable and multifunctional design. Whether in open-plan areas, private offices, or collaborative spaces, Qadro empowers your workspace to evolve and accommodate the diverse needs of modern work environments. Experience the seamless integration of technology, storage, and space definition, all encapsulated within this exceptional vertical and modular system.



  • Designer: ICF