Spacestor Palisades Grid

Additional Product Information


Meet Spacestor Palisades, the ultimate customizable and modular zone divider designed to cater to the dynamic and flexible needs of today’s workforce. As modern workspaces evolve into multifunctional environments, striking the perfect balance between private and collaborative space becomes essential. Palisades offers a brilliant solution, allowing seamless division of space into zones and neighborhoods without the need for permanent walls.

Available in wood or metal grid styles, Palisades offers a versatile and attractive design for your workspace. Embrace the freedom to create a unique and tailored solution with a plethora of sizes, finishes, and accessories, including plants, acoustic panels, lighting, and storage options. This diversity allows you to craft a visually appealing and acoustically effective barrier that complements your workspace’s aesthetics.

Spacestor Palisades serves as a bridge between different working zones, delivering the necessary levels of privacy while maintaining a sense of connectedness throughout the space. The classic open shelving look of Palisades Wood exudes warmth and natural charm, infusing biophilic design principles into the workspace. If you seek a more solid appearance with enhanced storage capacity and shelf strength, Palisades Metal provides the perfect solution.

Experience the versatility and adaptability of Palisades, as it transforms your workspace into a harmonious and productive environment. With this ingenious zone divider, you can effortlessly create distinct areas that cater to specific working styles, fostering collaboration and creativity without compromising on privacy or aesthetics.