Office Pods vs. Meeting Rooms – A Cost-Effective Solution for Modern Workspaces

A recent study conducted by Framery, in collaboration with CBRE Finland, reveals that office pods are more cost-effective than constructing new meeting rooms. This finding has significant implications for the evolving needs of the modern workforce and could potentially save the industry over 30 billion dollars between now and 2030. Let’s delve into the key insights from the study and understand how office pods can address the challenges faced by underprepared office spaces.


The Changing Dynamics of Modern Workspaces:

Modern offices are undergoing a transformation as meetings shrink in size, and virtual participation becomes a norm. The demand for quiet spaces to join calls and host smaller meetings is on the rise. However, the availability of properly equipped meeting rooms, especially in open-plan office spaces, is limited. This leaves companies facing a crucial decision: invest in more walls or embrace the flexibility of office pods.

Cost Comparison Across Global Locations:

The study compares the total costs of one, four, and six-person Framery soundproof office pods to meeting rooms of equal size in Europe, North America, and Asia. The cost comparison reveals intriguing insights, showcasing that the cost of constructed rooms is significantly higher than the total end customer cost of comparable Framery pods in various locations. This data aids office tenants and managers in making informed decisions about their office design and layout.


Addressing the Demand for Private Spaces:

Offices worldwide are grappling with the increased demand for private spaces, driven by the competition with home offices. CBRE’s Jussi Niemistö notes that office occupiers are investing in flexible and adjustable spaces to meet the demand for flexibility and attract the workforce back to the office after the remote working trend.

Cost-Effective Solutions for Refurbishing Office Spaces:

The study cites a Cushman & Wakefield report indicating that over 41% of the office space in the US needs refurbishment, totaling 2.6 billion square feet. Refurbishing this space with new meeting rooms would cost over $85 billion. In contrast, Framery pods offer a cost-effective alternative, with the cost of constructed meeting rooms being 55% higher on average than that of Framery pods. This translates to potential savings of 30.3 billion dollars by the end of the decade.


Employee Preferences and Industry Adoption:

Framery CEO Samu Hällfors emphasizes the cultural shift toward a more flexible way of working, where office pods play a crucial role. These pods are not only compact and space-efficient but also offer flexibility in rearranging and reconfiguring offices. The study highlights the increasing demand for enclosed private space and modular structures, aligning with employees’ preferences for focus workspaces and private meeting areas.

Office pods emerge as a modular, cost-effective, and sustainable solution for companies seeking to adapt to the changing dynamics of modern workspaces. The study showcases the potential for significant cost savings and highlights the increasing adoption of office pods by leading global companies. As the workplace evolves, the versatility and cost-effectiveness of office pods position them as a key element in creating effective and employee-centric office environments.

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