ISO 14001 Leading the Way to Sustainability

In an age where environmental responsibility is more crucial than ever, Bushell Interiors has taken significant steps to reinforce its commitment to sustainability. In 2016, the company achieved a remarkable milestone by obtaining the ISO 14001 certification. This certification underscores Bushell Interiors’ dedication to Eco-conscious practices in every facet of its operations.

ISO14001: Environmental Management System

Embracing a Green Vision:

Bushell Interiors, a distinguished player in the realm of interior design and furniture sourcing, has consistently been a pioneer in promoting sustainability. This certification solidifies the company’s endeavour to minimize its ecological footprint and lead by example within the industry.

A Holistic Approach:

The ISO 14001 certification doesn’t just pertain to Bushell Interiors’ head office operations, it extends its reach to the showroom, and On-site activities. Every aspect of the company’s infrastructure has been evaluated and optimized to ensure that the highest standards of environmental protection and sustainability are upheld. This commitment is further supported by our membership in Repak, wherein we consistently meet recycling targets each year.

European Elegance with an Eco-Twist:

Collaborating closely with European brands aligns seamlessly with Bushell Interiors’ ethos. The company’s focus on sourcing furniture for both commercial and residential projects has been elevated to a new level.

By selecting partners who share our values of sustainability and environmental responsibility, we ensure that our projects not only exude elegance but also echo a genuine commitment to the planet. Moreover, our supply partners boast a range of certifications such as ISO, LEED, LEVEL, and DECLARE, among others.

Inspiring a Greener Future:

Bushell Interiors’ attainment of the ISO 14001 certification isn’t just a badge of honour; it’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to a greener, more sustainable future.

As the company continues to source high-quality European furniture for diverse projects, our dedication to environmental responsibility remains steadfast. This certification enables us to actively engage, alongside our partners, in the collective industry efforts aimed at creating a more sustainable planet.

ISO 14001 Leading the Way to Sustainability

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