Prostoria – Now 100% Solar Powered:

Prostoria – Driven by Sustainability:

Bushell Interiors are proud and delighted to announce that our brand partner Prostoria, driven by their sustainability goals, have switched to solar power last month, allowing the company to cover 100% of their energy consumed by solar power.

Lying comfortably on the rooftop of their factory in Začretje – Croatia, it took 1884 solar panels and almost 18 kilometers of cables in order to complete their amazing project!

Prostoria state: “For us, the path to sustainability goes through innovation and development throughout the entire process; from the raw materials in the forests to the manufacturing and eco-certified textile. But the nature of our business means that energy-intensive machinery including tooling, finishing machines, and compressors are in constant use throughout the day, resulting in significant onsite energy consumption.”

“But with our new solar system, we will be able to utilize 100% of the solar power generated. Our team expects significant monetary savings in energy costs, as well as CO2 saving of 99,40 metric tonnes per year. This clean energy addition alongside our other efforts to reduce waste and our carbon footprint is part of Prostoria’s commitment to environmental consciousness as a key part of our culture.”

For further information on the gorgeous Prostoria range we stock, contact the team on +353 (0) 1 6710044 or e-mail [email protected]

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