Exploring Elegance and Innovation with Cattelan Italia’s 2023 Collection

In the design realm, genuine appreciation demands time, patience, and the ability to envision creations in diverse settings. Cattelan Italia’s 2023 collection embodies this essence of deliberate design, inviting reflection and integration.

Embracing the ethos of slow design

The lineup features the SCOTT table with new finishes, including the industrial charm of the Oxybrass base contrasting with refined tops. Iconic pieces like the SKORPIO table also embrace this revival, alongside the new Borghini Calacatta ceramic in a varied ochre to shaded grey tones on milky backdrops, expanding table possibilities.

In table finishes, the YODA ARGILE model elevates the renowned round table design with an organic, earthy-hued spatulated clay top that embodies the commitment to sustainable design, further underscored by the ARGILE range.

Sitting in style

Some of this year’s seating highlights are the MIRANDA chairs, distinguished by their elliptical backrest aperture, and the RACHEL chairs family, which exudes opulence with padded borders. Also, new leather palettes inspired by red sands and rocks add distinction.

Elegant Organization

The CREMONA model serves as both a sideboard and bar cabinet due to its innovative vertical sliding mechanism, offering seamless transitions between open shelves and concealed compartments.

The living space welcomes the VARENNE console, showcasing deliberate asymmetry in weights and volumes, along with the ARENA KERAMIK BOND coffee table allows tabletop customization with scenic marble-effect ceramics, aligned with Cattelan Italia’s “100% Made in Italy” hallmark.

Cattelan Italia’s 2023 collection underscores that genuine beauty gradually unfolds, offering a unique sensory journey through meticulously crafted forms and enduring elegance.

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