Andreu World Calma Chair “Best of the Best”

The Calma chair, designed by Benjamin Hubert for Andreu World, has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot “Best of the Best” award for product design in 2023. This internationally renowned design contest recognizes the exceptional quality and level of innovation displayed in this one-of-a-kind piece.

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Chosen through a rigorous evaluation process by a jury comprising 43 members, the Calma chair stood out among numerous entries across 51 competition categories. The evaluation focused on the four principles of good design, considering its socio-cultural significance, specific technical focus, and design expertise.

The Calma Chair strikes a perfect balance between functionality and ergonomic comfort while adding a touch of home-like appeal. With die-cast aluminium frame that elegantly wraps around the backrest, seamlessly transitioning into circular armrests.

Drawing inspiration from the coziness of home

The chair employs artisanal materials and clean lines, creating a warm and inviting work seat that complements dynamic workplace environments.
Notably, the Calma Chair offers high levels of customization, with its lightweight die-cast aluminium frame available in five different backrest variations.

Options include a fully upholstered backrest, an upholstered front with a wooden backrest, and a breathable mesh backrest.

Available also in either a five-wheel or four-wheel base, making it suitable for both home offices and conference or meeting spaces. Additionally, high-back versions offer the option of a headrest cushion.

Experience the epitome of design excellence and ergonomic sophistication with the award-winning Andreu World Calma Chair, a statement piece that seamlessly merges work and home comfort in style.

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