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The AS400 make a series of incredibly mobile flip-top tables on castor base for multiple purposes such as training, meeting, conferencing, and dining. The tables come with round tabletops but are especially characterized by the round top with a concave recess – called round concave – shaped tabletop which enables the tables to dock on and be linked together in an unlimited number of arrangements; from small groups of three to large round circles or any other imaginary organic shape. The table comes in a standard café height and in bar height. The tables can be flipped and nested when not in use.

The tables are smart, mobile, and at a quality level that makes them stand out. They are part of a product family of nesting chairs and tables, called AS series and designed by the successful German designer Andreas Störiko. The AS series meets the growing need for flexible spaces and agile processes, providing mobility and freedom to arrange work, study, and meeting set-ups at your will. Due to their nesting ability and mobile castor base, the AS tables can be moved across the aisle, stacked into the storage room or into the lift by just one person.