Walter Knoll Oki


The message of the everlasting. Marble stands for strength and stability like hardly any other material. The Oki Table brings this beauty created by elemental forces into the home. Large slabs of natural stone seem to float over the delicate framework. The organic markings criss-cross the table top. Like branches, flowing and effective. An
abstract painting of white strands, a still sculpture – reserved, elegant and powerful at the same time.

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  • Table top Natural stone: Top thickness natural stone: approx. 20 mm. Due to the way they are manufactured, the size of natural stone tiles can vary by +/- 1 cm. Marble is a natural stone and can be damaged if subjected to mechanical loads, or if it comes into contact with acids, fats or oils. The surface is irregular and has a porous structure - veins, pores and inclusions are natural features. The surface must be caulked so that the material can be worked. Every piece of marble is unique.
  • Base Steel: - powder-coated bronze matt - powder-coated black matt
  • Glides Fitted with synthetic or felt glides. All dimensions in cm.