Spacestor Hotlocker

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Over the past decade, office storage has undergone a significant revolution. With many employees no longer confined to a single location and a shift away from paper-based storage, the focus has changed from centralized archive storage to personal possession storage, such as lockers. These lockers have transitioned from being tucked away in the back of the office to becoming a prominent feature at the heart of the work area.

To remain competitive in attracting talent, Spacestor Hotlocker must ensure their lockers function seamlessly, boast an attractive design, and support the latest technology. Moreover, as agile working becomes more prevalent, even personal storage may need to be shared among employees.

Enter customizable, modular lockers that can serve as an extension of your brand throughout the workspace. These lockers offer versatility in design, allowing them to adapt to various styles and preferences. Available in an extensive range of finishes and equipped with diverse low and high-tech locking strategies, they cater perfectly to both traditional and agile working styles.