Bisley MonoBloc Lockers

Additional Product Information


Bisley MonoBloc Lockers are highly adaptable, MonoBloc can easily fit with your organisation’s needs.

An ideal storage solution for the back of the office, MonoBloc can be styled to co-ordinate with existing workplace furniture, giving you a sense of belonging.

MonoBlocâ„¢ by Bisley is the premium back of office storage solution. It provides attractive personal storage, allowing for coordination with existing workplace design, impactful brand statements and gives employees a sense of belonging.

Special attention has been given to the design and quality of these secure, long-lasting lockers; designed with clean lines, concealed hinges and discreet label holders.



  • Available in seven widths with the option to bolt multiple units together.
  • Each door contains a discreet label holder.
  • Multiple locking options available.
  • A variety of internal accessories available depending on locker size.
  • Ventilated doors allow air to flow through the locker, keeping belongings fresh.
  • Choose from 12 finishes for external doors and carcase.
  • Additional extras available including benches, sloping tops, plinths and two foot options.
  • Five-year warranty.