Humanscale Path Chair

Additional Product Information


Humanscale Path Chair instantly adapts to each body type straight out of the box. Most chairs are made to fit an imaginary “average” body, forcing each sitter to adjust controls until they’re comfortable. Most chairs are adjusted incorrectly, resulting in unhealthy work habits. Path is simple and body inclusive, performing effortlessly so you can too.

A Path for Everywhere

Path’s warm, versatile aesthetic is a response to rapidly evolving workspaces. Its softly rounded silhouette accents any environment – providing open, elevated simplicity. A suite of personalisation options lends Path chameleon-like adaptability, so it matches and enhances its surroundings, instead of redefining them.

Inclusivity Included

Path’s unique weight compensation mechanism means that 95% of the population can sit comfortably on the chair, unlike most chairs, which only consider an overall target at the 50th percentile average weight of all genders. Humanscale considers everyone and every body when we design our seating.

Path uses physics to comfortably fit 95% of all body types the moment they sit, no complex adjustments required. Whoever you are, it’s been made to feel simple and body inclusive, performing effortlessly so you can too.

Made to Last

One pillar of sustainability that’s often overlooked is one of the most obvious – longevity. We couldn’t call Path the world’s most sustainable task chair if it wasn’t also the most durable. Our exhaustive testing ensures that – beyond retaining perfect function – Humanscale Path Chair looks and feels like new after more than a decade of heavy use.