Cattelan Italia Pascal Bed

Additional Product Information


The Cattelan Italia Pascal designer double bed owes its imposing stage presence to its large headboard, made up of a single large bolster, designed for relaxing moments before falling asleep, with your back gently resting on its soft upholstery. The headboard can be finished in a wide choice of leathers and fabrics, either all in one or combining different materials on the front and back, to play with different colour tones.
The deep bed frame, which is off the floor, is also upholstered and finished to match the front of the headboard and is supported by generously sized wooden feet.
The most original detail on this modern double bed is the leather straps that join the headboard to the bed frame, accentuating the pillow recesses in the sides and creating soft folds that infuse a sense of well-being and comfort from the very first glance.