Cascando Round 20


Room dividers, whiteboards, wardrobes and brochure holders from the extensive Cascando Round20 series are recognisable by their award-winning design simplicity. Timeless functionality, conceived and created to help people excel. On the wall, as a large whiteboard, on the floor as attractive mobile elements that quickly create an office within an office. Practical, effective and sustainable. Always focused on improving features that make workspaces and their use more pleasant.

Just as a department or team is a composite family, so is Round20. Each product in the series has a connecting resemblance that strengthens cohesion. It is an inspiring base for a positive workplace experience. The enamelled steel whiteboard fits in perfectly with the mobile room dividers. With or without noise-reducing panels, wardrobe functions, brochure holders or pin boards. That is up to you. Just like putting a whiteboard in a beautiful oak or aluminium frame: a clear, beautiful combination for modern working environments. Magnetic, easy to clean and in place everywhere.


  • Design by Robert Bronwasser