Presotto Living Room Systems

Furnishing houses is Presotto passion and experience for 70 years.
The person and his comfort area are our focus, every choice and every detail is aimed to provide personalized solutions that represent tastes and needs of functionality and beauty rigorously made in Italy.
The furnishing systems allow, in their peculiarities, to provide creative solutions that cross different home spaces starting from the entrance, living areas and bedrooms.

Pari & Dispari

The contemporary living area utilizes all available spaces to create environments that expand with multiple heights and widths.
Pari & Dispari is the answer to an evergreen living system composed of structural sides and shelves where simple open storage combines with shelves, glass cabinets, closed storage units, drawers units, and TV holders up to the new display modules that also increase the depth of the wall itself.
In the Pari & Dispari compositions we can integrate Display: desk modules, and drop-down bar cabinets so that this system furniture becomes an Unicum of architectural values in symbiosis with new digital needs.


I-modulART is an extremely versatile system composed of storage units that are appropriately placed or fixed to the wall, furnished with a few elements of entire walls of the Living area, the dining area, and even bedrooms up to the entrance of the house, synonymous with welcome.
Small flip-up modules or drawer units, glass cabinets, desks and shelves in multiple sizes and finishes, create original compositions capable of satisfying not only furniture professionals but also the less experienced consumers.
The illustrative and technical support that Presotto gives, represents our focus for communicating satisfactorily to an ever-changing market.


InclinArt stands out from the I-ModulART collection, a modular furniture system that changes the underlying rules of how a unit is constructed.
InlinArt is the first furniture system ever constructed with a variable axis, in fact, its axis becomes variable and the depths of the tops change with it. This results in a new way of perceiving and using spaces: the tops are no longer parallel to the wall but slant towards the onlooker who can enjoy the new perspectives that result from the differing degrees of rotation.
The actual space changes, as does the way it is perceived, but storage capacities remain unvaried for an indispensable bonus based on purely rational criteria.

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