O/M Light

Established as a brand in 2012 in Porto, its origins can be found in more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing lighting fixtures. It was a long journey marked by two fundamental approaches: close collaboration with architects, engineers and designers to manufacture customized solutions for each project, and a constant desire to excel. O/M achieves a successful balance between design, electronics, optics, mechanics and finishing; and between form, materials and color. Factors such as luminous flux, color rendering, temperature or color uniformity and glare are parameters estimated using concrete measurements. The final form of the object and its effect always represent a perfect match between design and those precision values. The company's commitment to quality and its expansion into LED technology led to the development of a range of O/M LED modules. The LED technology that equips the luminaires complies with IESNA LM-80. O/M thus responds to both demand for maximum quality and to current concerns with confidence in LED technology as a durability factor.