Marset Tam Tam Pendant Light


The Tam Tam is a new perception in the world of lamps: a number of light sources pointed in different directions, geometrically arranged to invoke a feeling of organized chaos.

The Tam Tam consists of a central in lacquered aluminium (Ø50), to which are attached various satellite shades (Ø35) which can be rotated through 360º by means of a swivel mechanism. An opalescent, methacrylate diffuser over the open end softens the light. Tam Tam is available as a suspension lamp in two sizes: a regular size with either 3 or 5 satellite shades and a mini size. In all of them, the central shade is available in black or off-white, and the satellite shades can be combined in black, off-white, orange, green, brown, sand and blue.

Dynamic and fun, the linear versions of the Tam Tam suspension feature a tubular structure with one or more shades in various classic colors. The idea is to be able to aim the light in any direction, making this fixture perfect for long or narrow spaces.

The Tam Tam is a festive and versatile collection that offers several options to add color and originality to all types of interior design projects.

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  • Designer: FABIEN DUMAS