Marset Dipping Ceiling Light

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The Dipping Light is more than just a lamp; it inspires emotions. On it is mesmerizing: its different shades of paint filter the light creating a magical ambience. Off it transforms into a multi-coloured glass sphere, with a strong aesthetic impact.

The Dipping Light started out as an experiment – dipping a switched-on light bulb in paint several times – but it became a lamp. The result is layers of colour painted in concentric circles which trap the light, attenuating its intensity. The paint acts as a shade, colouring the light and giving it texture. This artisanal process involved makes each lamp unique and exclusive.

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  • Designer: JORDI CANUDAS
  • Award Winner: 2018 'Best of Year Award', Interior Design Magazine.
  • Award Winner: 2019 'Best Disco Divas', Wallpaper Design Award.
  • Award Winner: 'MetropolisLikes' Award in New York.