Koenig & Neurath Talo.S

Additional Product Information


TALO.S is a T-frame desk range for individual workstations which enables various height-adjustment options in the same design. TALO.S offers maximum leg room for perfect ergonomics. The desk system consists of a steel frame platform with a central beam. Sitting/standing desks with motorised and lift adjustment and desks with height adjustment are designed such that they do not require an additional beam in the leg room. Lift desks are designed for telescopic lifting. With regard to the adjustment ranges, the desk system complies with the standard EN ISO 527-1.

The central beam measures w 80 x h 50 mm. The central beam is welded to the side parts of the leg frame on height-adjustable desks, and bolted into place in the case of motorised and lift desks. The subframe consoles measure w 50 x h 30 mm and are welded to the beam. Adaptors for the 3rd level are bolted to the subframe consoles. A cable tray is bolted to the beam for the purposes of cable management. The frame is epoxy powder-coated.