Cattelan Italia Ritz Table

Additional Product Information


Midway between a round dining table and a modern coffee table, the Cattelan Italia Ritz Lounge model has been designed to be the best solution for both needs. At just 64 cm high, the Ritz Lounge is the ideal table for furnishing a user-friendly living room: a hybrid living area in which to sip an aperitif or serve an informal lunch.
The central base is formed by a metal semi-sphere, which reflects the light softly, giving the finish an even tone. When admired up close, the top and base seem to blossom out of each other, with curves that continue uninterrupted from one shape to the next. From afar, however, you may catch sight of a slender stem rising from the base and supporting the top, like a slender neck.
The ideal chairs to pair with this round ceramic table model are the low armchairs from the matching Lounge collection or the pouffes collection, depending on whether you want to create a more comfortable or more informal ambience.