ICF Qadro Modular


ICF presents Qadro, a unique vertical and modular planning approach applicable in open plan, private offices and activity spaces. The system provides a supporting structure for communication screens and technology, space definition and storage, personal items and co-working elements, wherever needed.

Media Wall: The monitor and its surroundings are the new linchpin of the office environment. It is precisely around the screen that flows the new working rhythms with an alternating current of constantly changing needs: meetings and remote calls, brainstorming sessions and educational initiatives, staff training and operational meetings, relax and time-outs.

Open Plan Dividers: Qadro Modular can be composed of several elements to create an entire work area within a professional space, or even become a space-creating dividing element itself. In this way it can be used fluidly and flexibly-the perfect solution for an ever-changing way of working. And this is where Qadro comes in: a versatile base element that enables users to create and re-modulate the space to suit the variety of activities it needs to be capable of hosting.

Qadro is available with a freestanding base in die-cast aluminium or with a full height vertical post. The self-supporting structure can lean against a wall or can be used to divide spaces. The installation allows this to happen quickly and effortless anywhere in the workspace.

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