Cattelan Italia Anna Chair

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Cattelan Italia Anna Chair family of seats includes several variants of this minimal modern chair. Comfort is at the heart of the Anna collection of design chairs, whose seats and backrests are fully padded with variable density to facilitate ergonomics.
Available in the high backrest version to further support the posture, this modern dining chair is also available in the version with armrests, which represents a true piece of contemporary design.
The wide range of coverings allows to easily customize these seats by matching the soft leather and fabric shades with the finishes of the legs.

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  • The SOFT LEATHER is a natural material. A non uniformity in the wrinkle’s drawing and small defects must be considered a feature that certifies the quality of leather. The leather undergo over time a slight discoloration, either with exposure to direct sunlight or to sources of heat. Be careful with straps, studs, buttons or other sharp metal objects that could scar the surfaces
  • CATTELAN ITALIA LEATHERS are produced with selected cow leathers, tanned and dyed with products that do not contain substances harmful to human health, in full compliance with the current regulations
  • The WOOD that is used for all CATTELAN ITALIA products is sourced only from the finest ecologically sustainable forest plantations and each piece has been treated using the least invasive processes as not to affect its natural beauty, but importantly guarantees the longevity and durability over the years of use. Wood is a natural material and as such, it will continue to change in appearance which will further enhance its natural look. Minor variations of tone, the presence of knots, veins and burn marks are all testament to the uniqueness and authenticity that each piece of wood will possess.
  • MAINTENANCE: It is a good practice to remove the dust, which often clogs the pores, not allowing the natural perspiration. Always use a soft, dry cloth. Avoid using brushes that can damage the surface. The removal of stain is extremely difficult as in the case of grease spots, ink and alcohol. Good results can be obtained by acting promptly with soapy water or mild detergent, rinse and wipe dry immediately with a soft cloth. Avoid alcohol, acetone, trichlorethylene, detergents or abrasives. See Brochure for further maintenance detail