Emu Carousel


Carousel collection is made up of: four versions of dining armchair, three versions of lounge armchair, sofas, poufs, square and rectangular coffee tables. The easel frame is made of aluminium tubular. The seat, made by a sheet of aluminium alloy which is drawn to have an even shape, and then is following fixed to the aluminium frame through a structural welding, performed with TIG technology that gives particular resistance as well as a better standard in terms of aesthetics. The structure of the steel backrest supports the decorative patterns proposed in the various materials. All selected materials guarantee long-lasting resistance and colour stability. About the dining armchair, a version in technical fabric such as Fibre Fill fibre for seat cushion and self supporting back is work in progress. This fabric guarantees water repellence. Because the above mentioned materials, the product is strongly suitable for all uses in marine environments and in extreme weather conditions. The poufs have an oval aluminium tubular structure while the tables have a steel rod structure with an aluminium alloy top, adjustable insoles in nylon and stainless steel screw. They are all decorated with rope weaving.

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