Koenig & Neurath Nook.Shell Chair

Additional Product Information


Life and work are increasingly merging together. Offices are becoming meeting points that convey a sense of identity, while the home has also been transformed into a workplace – at the moment, a quarter of all employees work from home at least on a part-time basis. That’s why we’ve created a partner for our K+N NOOK visitor and conference chair, in the form of a universal chair: K+N NOOK.SHELL.

The comfortable König + Neurath shell chair is ideal as a home office chair, makes a great dining chair … or it’s equally suitable for conference and meeting areas in the office. The K+N NOOK.SHELL is relaxed yet stylish in design, merging organically with its surroundings and providing good sitting comfort in all variants (without a back cushion, with a cushion pad or fully upholstered).