Sixteen3 Eden Planters

Additional Product Information


Where biophilia and soft furnishings meet. Sixteen3 Eden Planters reimagine the integration of plants in interior spaces by blending biophilia with interior decor. The soft, upholstered, geometric volumes are designed to seamlessly complement interiors alongside soft seating, cushions, and curtains. Eden not only enhances interiors but also fosters a deeper connection with nature in modern spaces.

Available in four distinct shapes and two heights, Eden planters provide endless possibilities for planting configurations. Designed to be used either as standalone pieces, grouped together, or integrated within seating layouts. Eden’s varying shapes and heights allow for staggered, dynamic arrangements catering to various aesthetic preferences and spatial requirements.

Eden planters are supplied with a “dry lining” for artificial or preserved plants, a waterproof membrane must be fitted before planting live plants directly into planters.