ICF Qadro Freestanding

Additional Product Information


Qadro Freestanding is an adjustable base element that enables users to create and re-modulate the space to suit the variety of activities it needs to be capable of hosting.

The frame, a basic unit which, by multiplying itself, creates a complex and multi-faceted image that is continuously changing. Starting from this concept, Qadro Freestanding presents itself as a simple monitor-base that is evolved, developed, and diversified to characterise all the surrounding space.

The screen is the new linchpin of the office environment, because it is precisely around it that the new working rhythms flow: meetings, international calls, brainstorming sessions, educational initiatives, staff training, operational meetings, time-outs… And this is where Qadro Freestanding comes in.

Qadro Freestanding is not only characterised by a high level of practicality and a flexibility that is easy to achieve. Above all, it is a furnishing element of excellent quality, created with fine materials and exquisite finishes. The frame, shelves and stand of the containers are made of aluminium, available in different finishes, to which elements in fenix or crystal can be added, depending on the module to be created.

See how the flexibility of Qadro Freestanding allows you to transform a single space into several different work areas: meeting rooms of various sizes, video conferencing spaces, training areas, multi-purpose recreational spaces.

Qadro Freestanding can be used starting simply with the monitor base, set alongside other single elements, or as a system, in such a way as to create an entire working area within a professional space. This way it can be used in a fluid, flexible way: the perfect solution for a constantly changing way of working.


  • Designer: ICF