Cattelan Italia Hawaii

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Five modern wall mirrors like the five main islands of the paradise archipelago of Hawaii. Take a moment, and imagine your wall decorated with the irregular shapes of the Cattelan Italia Hawaii mirrors reminiscent of pristine nature: What composition do you see? The delicacy of the bevelled shapes is combined with the excellent quality of the mirrored glass to create a fascinating and exotic decoration. The mirrored edge is worked to achieve an interrupted reflection, thus creating a well-defined but discreet and delicate frame. This family of modern mirrors is complemented by two larger versions: the irregularly shaped Hawaii Magnum mirror, and the Hawaii Round mirror.


  • 128 x 128h
  • 98 x 100h
  • 60 x 80h
  • 60 x 60h
  • 34 x 34h
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  • Design by Studio Kronos