Creating lighting solutions of perfect quality and aesthetics is Zumtobel passion. For 70 years, they have been working continuously on the light of tomorrow, guided by a unique design approach. They are always striving to improve the quality of human life through light and provide the right light for every activity at any time of day or night.

The ongoing development of the product portfolio is driven not only by the latest advances in research and technology but above all by the long-standing collaboration with leading international architects, lighting designers and artists in its project business. Their lights are always tailored to the individual needs of the customers and the people who use the products. Bushell Interiors is the exclusive partner of Zumtobel in Ireland.

Lighting Applications


How efficient employees are also depends on how content they are. And the right lighting also plays an essential role. After all, they are continuously exposed to different visual stimuli in the office. Our performance, our health, our well-being and even our safety depend on light. This is why lighting conditions in the office should also be individually controllable. It has been proven that quality features such as luminous flux and variable colour temperature increase motivation and productivity.


The atmosphere in your sales rooms is a critical factor in purchasing decisions. This makes it even more important to present your merchandise in the best light.


The quality of experience in your supermarket can be significantly influenced by the quality of the light. Particular attention is paid here to the fresh foods section. Perfect accentuation and contrasts create the appropriate emotions. Appeal to all the senses, to help your customers feel like they’ve been transported to a sun-drenched farmer’s market.


When it comes to industrial applications, the requirements of lighting are manifold. Activity-based lighting solutions, which are as dynamic as the processes themselves, are therefore needed. Employee safety and well-being are of the utmost importance here. Read more below about different Industry applications:


Zumtobel intelligent lighting solutions create optimum conditions in a healthcare setting. They promote recovery, make patients’ stay more pleasant and help create better working conditions for doctors, nurses and care staff.


A hotel is a temporary home. The way you design your rooms makes a crucial contribution to this. With light that welcomes your guests, adapts to their wishes and moods at the touch of a button, remains a pleasant memory and sets you apart from your competitors.

Art & Culture

Expand your horizons, and discover new worlds – art and culture offer all this, and more. However, its impact is also always dependent on the place in which you come into contact with it. That’s why it’s even more important to adapt lighting not just to the work or performance, but also to the architecture that surrounds it. These are all factors that impact the identity of the work, how the space is experienced and the presentation.


Learning is a fundamental element of human development. It is extremely important to create an atmosphere that supports this. This is already happening, thanks to new teaching methods, the use of new media and the flexible usage of rooms and space, but also thanks to the targeted application of dynamic and intuitively adapted lighting that creates an atmosphere of trust in which learning is supported.

Lighting Technologies


Zumtobel Limbic® Lighting* shows that lighting can be adapted to the characteristics of personality types and that different target groups have different light preferences. Our Balance, Stimulance or Dominance concepts offer the perfect Limbic® scenario for every target group. Limbic® Lighting* allows you to find the right lighting for your target group, so that they feel good when on your premises and are encouraged to buy.

Human Centric

Human Centric Lighting (HCL) allows us to consistently pursue an approach involving the purposeful, long-term alignment of light’s levels of impact with people’s needs. The biological impact of natural and artificial light – in addition to their visual and emotional impact – is particularly important to this approach.

Active Light – Tunable White

The integrated approach of Active Light changes the intensity, colour and direction of light at the right time. In practice, this is enabled by our high-end technology, tunableWhite. Thanks to its innovative control unit, it harmoniously combines the colour and intensity of light, for any selected period of time. It allows us to seamlessly implement the dynamics of natural light, even in interiors.

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