O/M Light

Established as a brand in 2012 in Porto, its origins can be found in more than 60 years of experience in manufacturing lighting fixtures. O/M Light achieves a successful balance between design, electronics, optics, mechanics and finishing; and between form, materials and colour. Factors such as luminous flux, colour rendering, temperature or colour uniformity and glare are parameters estimated using concrete measurements. The final form of the object and its effect always represents a perfect match between the design and those precision values.

O/M Light products are categorized in 5 groups:

Spot On

Accent, contrast and definition


Linear lighting segments


One-of-a-kind ambient


The new elegant and modular low-voltage track system of O/M Light allows the various light modules to be fast and easily installed and repositioned by simple clipping, with a reliable mechanical coupling.

Sys Recessed

Sys Surface/Pendant

Sys Pendant Direct/Indirect


Architectural safety signage

For further information on O/M Light products, check their catalogue or Contact Us

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